“TOGETHER” was created for World Women’s Day 2018 and
The International Women’s Art Exhibition in Dubai, under the theme “
Press For Progress - for gender equality”.



I have chosen a round canvas symbolizing Mother Nature. She created us with equal amount of love, to work & grow together, to form new love & a strong, everlasting bond.

I expressed this bond with the infinity sign, which has a lot of different meanings all over the world & for each individual. The one that resonates with me in this painting, stands for the equilibrium between male & female. It was also used as the ‘Women's Empowerment Bracelet’, carrying the message of endless possibilities for women.

The lioness in all of us, is a reminder about our birth right of power. She teaches her young how to fend for themselves, without ever leaving them vulnerable. So, the hope lies in girls and boys, man & women, in fact the whole human race. To carry ourselves with confidence, strength & might and to lead others with love but defending what is dear to our hearts, is only part of the learning process of life. The Lioness will teach you how to care for your pride & get your family working more cooperatively.

To me the family is all of us living beings, coming together as one. The border of my painting created with multiple Koru’s, represents Whakapapa (the Maori meaning for ancestry). Essentially a family tree. In my border these are all cultures from around the world, linked together in peace.

Standing with faith & courage,to work towards progress. Triangle (progress symbol, right side border)

The single Koru, (in the middle of the crown) symbolizes the fern frond seen in New Zealand's native bush and represents new beginnings, growth and regeneration.

Roses are a complex flower. such are humans. The beauty of this flower also expresses new beginnings, promise and hope. A Yellow Rose symbolizes joy, protection against envious lovers, and a mature love.

The Fern itself contains the deep wisdom of Mother Earth within its graceful fronds. Like the fern, we grow and flourish if we unfurl toward light or truth. The steady opening toward light is a miracle of Mother Nature’s creation. The more we unfurl, our true nature begins to show, releasing and opening as we let go of old beliefs. 

What inspires & resonates with me the most, is Mother Nature & her teachings. I enjoy the ability of passing on her messages through the natural aspects of my work. Therefore, as her necklace I have chosen another Maori symbol with design roots in nature. The Pikorua (twist) as it is known in New Zealand, represents the path of life & is a powerful expression of loyalty between loved ones, because the arms of the twist have no end point.

Last but not least, the Butterfly is also a very meaningful part of my painting & meant to support this important mission for progress. As one of the most emblematic totem animals, symbolizing personal transformation & the ability to go through important changes with grace and lightness.

I hope you enjoy my painting and feel inspired to join us on this important journey.