Nancy Tschetner

"Nature has always been a big part of my life."

Nancy grew up in a small village, in east Germany, also called
“The Green Heart of Germany” While spending most of her childhood in the outdoors, living off the land, building tree huts and crafts with sustainable materials, Nancy built a strong connection to Mother Nature.

"Nature's creations and art, are my stimulus and motivation for what I create and who I am today. Experimenting the outdoors allows me the space to permit the creative processes and gives me great inspiration."

Nancy's love for nature and adventurous spirit, led her to New Zealand in 2003. "When I discovered the black iron sand for the first time, its story and unique beauty inspired me to embrace it in my paintings. Through my curiosity and experimentation, natural sand became my preferred medium in my artistic expressions."

Over the last 16 years she further developed her eccentric style and presentation of art. With the colour variations of the sand, Nancy has the ability to capture the distinctive attributes of that special being and the fleeting magic of a place or memory. The sparkly texture and depth of the sand brings any subject to life. Nancy works with over 40 different shades
of pure, natural sand.

"Gradually, each grain becomes part of a larger image represented in my artwork. Just like us, when we come together and stand together, we are stronger and can achieve greater things. I can see the development of my work over time and it excites me – I’m eager to see what appears and what more is possible. I constantly push new boundaries to create the perfect illusion of natural materials and their 3 dimensional depth and textures."

In some of her pieces she uses mixed media to incorporate colours not available through the use of natural sand alone. Nancy's main subject matter is nature “Creating nature with nature”. Getting outside is good for the soul.
Through her artwork, she brings the outside in.

"I like to remind people of the importance of our valuable relationship to Mother Nature and our roots. It is this connection hat enriches our life's."

Art is great language and vehicle to deliver messages.


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Where you will find Nancy's Sand Art:

Bread & Butter Gallery, Whitianga

Otautau Gallery, Southland

Artmosphere Gallery, Waipawa

4 Art Sake Gallery, Ohope

Adawn Gallery & Gifts, Whakatane

Waihi Beach Gallery, Waihi

Rare Creations, Mapua, Nelson

Red Peach Gallery, Napier

Timmy Smith Space, Waiheke

The Mandarin Tree, Gordonton

Her work is of very high standard and demonstrates elements of fine art
— Holly Budge
I love creating and enjoy experimenting with new ideas. I’m always looking for new ways to push my creative boundaries and improve my work to grow my successful and well-established business.
— Nancy Tschetner

My Sand Art Journey

11/ 2018 Global Art Award, Dubai with my sand artwork "Together"

10/ 2018 Solo Exhibition at The Mandarine Tree, Gordonton

09/ 2018 Solo Exhibition at Zohar Gallery, Mount Maunganui

04/ 2018 Award Winner at the Royal Easter Show Auckland, with my artwork "Kowhai"

03/ 2018 representing New Zealand in the international Womens Art Exhibition
for World Women's Day 2018 in Dubai, with my artwork "Together"

09/ 2017 Solo Exhibition at Zohar Gallery, Mount Maunganui

06/ 2017 Searle Travel Art Award Winner, People Choice Artist of the Year 

06/ 2017 Award winner 2nd Place at Royal Easter Show- Auckland

05/ 2017 Solo Exh. "Natur Pur"- Kreative Haus Eisenach, Germany 

06/ 2016 NZ Art Show

06/ 2014/15 Christchurch Artshow, Solo Pannel

06/ 2015/ 2016/ 2017 Art-X National Exhibition & Art Sale - Napier

05/ 2014/ 2015 Hibiscus Hospice Art Show- Auckland

05/ 2014/15/16/17/19 Taupo Arts Trail

04/ 2014/15/16 Royal Easter Show - Auckland

09/ 2014 Group Exhibition “Connections” – Taupo Museum

05/ 2014 Solo Exhibition @ Kitchen Table & Communtiy Art Space, Napier

04/ 2014 Artist of the month, Lilly Pad Garden & Art Studio, Cambridge

01/ 2014 Solo Exh. “Created by Nature”, Wallace Gallery, Morinsville

2013 Combined Art Exhibition “3 Wai” Red Rock Gallery Taupo

2013 People Choice Award Winner @ Milford Art Gallery, Auckland

2013 Solo Exh.‘Embracing NZ Nature’ Crave Art Space, Auckland

2011 Solo Exhibition ‘Made by New Zealand’ Taupo Museum

2005 First Solo Exhibition ‘Sandmaenchen’ Flax Cafe Taupo