Inspired by Nature Part 1

I was born in a small village in east Germany (DDR until 1989).
Our family home is located right at the edge of our village, with now 2000 residents.
There is a dirt road, right next to our house, leading you into many different directions. Into the forrest, onto another dirt road, to another village or back onto the main Road. Fencing is by far not as common as in New Zealand. You can literally walk from on town or village to the next and so on. 
I was born with a huge sense of creativity and imagination. Combined with spending the majority of my childhood in the outdoors, that was and is the perfect soil for my artistic expressions. I still collect alot of natural product, when out for a stroll. My head is full of ideas and inspiration flows freely, when I am surrounded by nature. In school, i did really well in art. My favourite subject was art, sport and music. As a child I wanted to be a jockey or a wood carver, when I grow up. 
Mainly carving horses haha, another favourite thing. Trees and water are my natural elements. Tree's fascinate me, they are alive, represent life and if only they could talk, can you imagine the stories they would be able to tell. Years of experience & wisdom. 
I feel calm around them and the air & aura surrounding them, is just so energizing and relaxing an at the same time. 
Following my creative instinct I did a work experience as a hat maker and after finishing school, I started an apprenticeship as a sign writer/ graphic designer. 
I am a very active person, love working with my hands but just using the key's of a key board and sitting all day, is not me ! :)) 
A lot of what i did somehow show my adventurous and creative mind, the hobbies I choose, the music i listened to, my style of fashion and so on. 
I certainly, rarely follow the trends. I rather take the new style and change it too a nancy-fied new version. I started sewing and altering clothes, in my teens.
I love exploring and designing. When I was 14, I watched a program, that once again, broadened my horizon. A group of 6 famous artists, designed the interior of an apartment. Most items looked nothing like, what they actually were. For example, a group of realistic looking sheep were the stoles, covered in natural sheep skin. They looked comfy :), the cupboard for glasses and cups, was the trunk of a vintage VW beetle, cut off and attached to the wall. 
The rug in front of the bed, was a bucket of paint tipped out. The paint like material, was very thick and spungy. These ideas inspired me to follow my dreams and put my creativity & designs out there. If i could sell the ideas in my head, I would already be living of them, like a millionaire. In comparison to Kiwi's, the majority of Germans need a percentage of security. When we take any risks, they still have to be semi measured and safe haha. 
However, now I truely believe, anyone can achieve anything they set their mind to. Breathe and Believe, follow your dreams but you have to live and think like, 
you already achieved them. It works in with what you give, is what you receive. Imagine your dream with feelings, every day. 
It took me a long time to overcome the thoughts and believes, I have been brought up with. Growing up in east Germany, we had everything we needed. 
It was'’t much and just one kind of each product (can you even imagine). After the wall came down, in 1989 & we discovered what else is out there, it wasn’t enough anymore. :)
In East Germany, you had to work hard for anything you wanted, even just the basics. The idea of being an artist, was very far away and somewhat unrealistic. 
I am a little social butterfly, which probably comes from growing up in a small village. Everyone knows and helps everyone. 
Working together to achieve 100 %, has always been the motto. So when I worked my first job in a medium size company, in west Germany, I missed the team work. We worked on 1 product, we were only 14 workers and all departments should have worked hand in hand. The lack of communication and team work, made my job very frustrating and un enjoyable. I like to give the client the best i can but as just one hand, in the production line, it was out of my hand. One little mistake could lead to a massive failure and unexceptable product for the client. So team work and communication was crucial.
The job market in Germany was at its lowest and to get another job, I had to move a long way away from home.